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[2012 -2015] Project management and leader of technical improvements in production

Automotive Industry Project

(Nyköping, Sweden)

Eberspächer Exhaust Technology Sweden AB


Johan Fryxell was an highly important part of the success of our industrialization of two huge complex robot lines for production of heavy Exhaust Systems. With his high and broad technical skills in combination with his structured leadership Johan was able to steer these projects to the plant success!


Stephan Backhaus

Senior Manufacturing Engineering Manager

Eberspächer Exhaust Technology Sweden AB




[2011 - 2012] Technical Responsible

Automotive Industry Project

(Nyköping, Sweden)

Swenox AB

Dear Sir,


My name is Adrian France and I was the Hexadex Project Manager (based in the UK) assigned to one of our facilities in Sweden to improve manufacturing output on one of the main assembly lines. The company is Swenox in Nykoping, Sweden and after reviewing the existing situation in detail, I enlisted the help of your company for more than 6 months to support project activities.


I have to thank and congratulate you for your company's performance throughout this period. I contracted Fryx Industrial Partners to support a major change in assembly line upgrade that was to take more than 9 months due to a combination of delivery lead times for equipment, non interuption of customer supply chain and extremely tight installation and integration activities.


The project required a very detailed understanding systems integration including fixtures, specialised software, welding robots and handling robots. It also required the co-odination of many specialised sub contractors and suppliers to make sure all activities were planned and completed in a timely manner.


The project was probably one of the most complicated projects I have ever worked on and was as far away from "Turnkey" as you could get. Fryx Industrial Partners were a company that stepped in at very short notice and very professionally, identified the actions, risks and timeframes for each stage of the upgrade. During the planning phase, all aspects were analysed and communicated on gantt charts and risk analyse sheets. During the active installation phase, full support including very unsociaable working hours (and exceedingly long hours!) were used to ensure the shortest possible integration and minimum disruption to the supply chain. During the start up phase all services were made available and support was 24 hours. Finally, all documentation was professionally prepared and issued to the relavent departments for training and maintenance.


In my opinion without your company we would not have been able to complete the major tasks that were needed to support the customer and the SOP (start of production) date. In fact I had approached two, much larger organisations to support the project but they both said it could not be done in the timeframe. The Swenox project team supported by Fryx Industrial Partners proved them wrong!


I would have no doubt that Swenox would use your company again and in my opinion they could not wish for a more professional and reliable system integrator.


I wish you the best for the future of Fryx Industrial Partners and hope the company goes from strength to strength.


Adrian France

Hexadex Limited

The Old Court House, 24 Market Street, Gainsborough

Lincolnshire. DN21 2BE


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