Project Management

Deep experience from Project management within Automotive- and Manufacturing industry, both from Swedish and international market. Solid technical skills combined with structured management makes our delivery to a success for your company. If your company searching for high performance management for your complex industrial projects then contact Fryx Industrial Partner!

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Manufacturing- and Automation Engineering

Manufacturing industries are always striving to increase their efficiency, competitiveness and profitability. A step in this evolution is the growing proportion of automation.

Fryx Industrial Partner has over 14 years of experience from manufacturing engineering and industrial automation. With "Production in focus" together with 3D thinking and good knowledge of manufacturing processes can we offer high quality engineering services to your company.

Continues Improvement

Fryx Industrial Partner has been responsible for several start-ups, commissioning and up-ramping of automation and production lines.

This work has given a great experience in structured improvement work and making correct priorizations.

Let Fryx Industrial Partner help your company to get better profit out of your production by identifying the cause of your losses in terms of availability-, cycle time- and quality losses.

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